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Well – I guess those of us without Billionare Parents will have to settle for buying one of those little ol’ $2000+ new model bursts. A genuine 58-60 can be worth half a million – that’s more than a condo in Venice. And I worry about my LP thats maybe worth $1500. I don’t think I could handle owning a guitar worth that much.

LA Times Article about the Burst

El Kabong Cartoon


el kabong

Beware advised: Commercial in the beginning. This is Vintage Hanna Barbera goodness.  Episodes:


El Kabong    El Kabong Stikes Again!    Masking for Trouble


Excel – This one of the best metal bands I have seen live. Saw them back at the old SOMA on Market Street in Downtown San Diego, probably 90 or 91. I was seeing Pennywise or Ghoolspoon or Unwritten Law and EXCEL stole the show. I had seen them years earlier on the strip – don ‘t remember the venue, probably whiskey or troubadour. I was drinking a lot and the details exscape me now after a few decades. Always liked hardcare and I was really into Slayer and DRI at the time and really could get into what these guys were doing. Great Show – Amazing energy.

At the palace – 1990 – Led Zeppelin Cover intro

And this sweet video with ol’ classic dogtown footage.

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Great stuff – Cover band from Venice Texas

I am going to segue back to music, which was supposed to be the purpose of my blog. Here’s some good comedy chases. The Blues Brothers:

The Mall Chase Scene:

Blues Brothers Final Chase Scene:

And for the music. Soul Man – 1978 Saturday Night Live.

And Miss Aretha Franklin with Jake and Elwood – Think:

You gotta love this one – Great Movie – Great Chase with a train in NYC.