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Always liked the look of this car. Great styling, way ahead of it’s time. Problem: the engines and reliability. It looked cool as a Corvette and drove like a Chevette. This guy has more information than any sane person would want to know even if you owned one. If I owned one, I would pray […]

Part 1 – NPR Part 2 – NPR

El Kabong Cartoon   Beware advised: Commercial in the beginning. This is Vintage Hanna Barbera goodness.  Episodes:   El Kabong    El Kabong Stikes Again!    Masking for Trouble  

Excel – This one of the best metal bands I have seen live. Saw them back at the old SOMA on Market Street in Downtown San Diego, probably 90 or 91. I was seeing Pennywise or Ghoolspoon or Unwritten Law and EXCEL stole the show. I had seen them years earlier on the strip – […]

I am going to segue back to music, which was supposed to be the purpose of my blog. Here’s some good comedy chases. The Blues Brothers: The Mall Chase Scene: Blues Brothers Final Chase Scene: And for the music. Soul Man – 1978 Saturday Night Live. And Miss Aretha Franklin with Jake and Elwood – […]

You gotta love this one – Great Movie – Great Chase with a train in NYC.

And while YouTubing stupid car chases.  I came across my favorite movie at 6 years old.  It really came together for a kid at the time.  My two favorite things:  Corvettes and Star Wars.  I had yet to discover the charm of Annie Potts.  I would struggle over their choice of her.  Why not Carrie […]