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This is it.  Sunburst, 80’s made in Japan.  This neck is better than most american fenders, IMHO.  The unique thing about this bass is the vintage p-bass/telecaster bass headstock and mustang bass pickups as well as the non-contoured slab body.   sounds and feels a lot like a 51 pbass. Advertisements

This is a post from Craigslist today that I found amusing, maybe helpful.  I didn’t write it. – 36 Rules for Bands – 1. Never start a trio with a married couple. 2. Your manager’s not helping you. Fire him/her. 3. Before you sign a record deal, look up the word “recoupable” in the dictionary. […]

  This has got to be one of the very few songs that I have never tired of hearing.  This is such a great performance.  Cool Telecaster.  Great footage.

Part 1 – NPR Part 2 – NPR

Well – I guess those of us without Billionare Parents will have to settle for buying one of those little ol’ $2000+ new model bursts. A genuine 58-60 can be worth half a million – that’s more than a condo in Venice. And I worry about my LP thats maybe worth $1500. I don’t think […]

Excel – This one of the best metal bands I have seen live. Saw them back at the old SOMA on Market Street in Downtown San Diego, probably 90 or 91. I was seeing Pennywise or Ghoolspoon or Unwritten Law and EXCEL stole the show. I had seen them years earlier on the strip – […]

Great stuff – Cover band from Venice Texas