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This is some great advertising. Oh – and let’s ripoff the Four Seasons – or is that the Four Seasons singing a Holden commercial? And some hardcore performance testing – dig the pushbutton radio! Advertisements

I didnt’ write this list, but always wonered what cars I was Jackin fool. I can’t vouch for its authenticity, but a quick run through sounds as accurate as I could get. This List was taken from: Hermes – `51 Mercury Club – `86 Volkswagen Golf Majestic – `85 Buick Regal Emperor – `92 […]

I am going to segue back to music, which was supposed to be the purpose of my blog. Here’s some good comedy chases. The Blues Brothers: The Mall Chase Scene: Blues Brothers Final Chase Scene: And for the music. Soul Man – 1978 Saturday Night Live. And Miss Aretha Franklin with Jake and Elwood – […]

You gotta love this one – Great Movie – Great Chase with a train in NYC.

And while YouTubing stupid car chases.  I came across my favorite movie at 6 years old.  It really came together for a kid at the time.  My two favorite things:  Corvettes and Star Wars.  I had yet to discover the charm of Annie Potts.  I would struggle over their choice of her.  Why not Carrie […]

Cannonball 1976


Well – this may have more to do with stupid camp 70’s movies, but it does include some folk music if you forward to abou 2:00 into the video. That being said, this is mainly self indulgent car crap nostalgia. It was filmed on the 118 freeway while under construction. If this doesn’t sound familiar, […]